5 Common Property Styling Mistakes To Avoid

Selling your home can be a very stressful process. From cleaning and decluttering your place, reforming, painting and styling, to dealing with buyers to reach a successful sales price.

Asking the Evolve Styling team, we have collected the 5 common mistakes to avoid when styling a property for sale:

  1. Clutter

Clutter is the most common mistake in every property styling and selling process. While trying to create a cozy living space, including too many items will make a cluttered appearance. This will dismiss potential buyers - they want to buy your property, not your things. Rely on stylish and refined accessories for a clean and cozy look.
Storage is a key selling point. Avoid cluttered shelves and cabinets, as buyers will open them up. Use a temporary storage service to keep your home clean and tidy for your potential buyers.

  1. Personal style

When selling a property, you need to appeal as many buyers as possible. Both owner and stylist should disassociate themselves from the house. Remove any personal or familiar items to create a neutral canvas. Buyers should be able to visualise themselves living there. Remember that you’re styling a property for sale, not for you.

  1. Paint colours

Choosing the wrong paint colour can spoil all your styling efforts. To avoid unexpected results, try a large patch, let it dry and view it in daylight. Neutral colours are a safe choice to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.

  1. Inappropriate furniture size

The use of furniture that is too large or the wrong shape can make the room look and feel smaller, particularly in living rooms and bedrooms. Sofas and chairs with slimline arms instead of chunky will improve the way a potential purchaser perceive the space especially for smaller rooms.

  1. Mix and match

When mixing and matching, it’s essential to look for harmony.
Mixing too many styles in one room will make it look messy. Instead, select key pieces with common elements that create a balanced space.On the other hand, matching every single piece is not a recommendable styling practice. Breaking it up the matching furniture with splashes of colour to create contrast will add life to the room.

Whether you are selling your house yourself or you’re getting professional help, experienced property styling will ease the sales process and benefit the final sale price.

Any questions? Contact us, we’re here to help. Now that you know what NOT to do, get inspired with stunning styled properties in our Facebook and Instagram page. Happy styling! 

Evolve Styling Team