A Spotlight on All Things Green & Handmade

It's hardly a secret, that we love the idea of 'nature', 'organically handmade' and all things GREEN.

In our last blog post, we provided some starting points on populating your home with beautiful house plants. This week; as an extension of the theme, is all about Australian furniture lines and the marriage of premium craftsmanship and timeless materials.

Harpers Project

There exists a certain mantra when it comes to the conception and eventual fruition of Scandinavian-inspired furniture lines: 'Buy once, buy well.' It is a promise of quality, and Harpers Project prides itself on this promise, with their signature marble and hardwood furniture products.

Marble and wood is marveled as a timeless combination, sold on its raw, natural and minimal qualities. The Melbourne-based Harpers Project designs and stocks a wide variety of products, ranging from dining sets to sofas to coffee tables, all sculpted from this one design language.

Folks at Harpers Project are also proud of their devotion to old-fashion craftsmanship: instead of being mass-produced in factories, their entire lineup is expertly calibrated and handmade by experienced carpenters.

You can check out their range here.

(Image credit: Harpers Project)

Ivy Muse

Another Melbourne-based studio, Ivy Muse's designs are tailor-made to showcase your lush house greens.

In their new range of botanical accessories, collected under the name 'Sanctuary', co-founders Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal aim to provide a platform of disconnect for its customers; a sanctuary from their busy urban lives.

The new collection includes accessories ranging from locally made plant stands, holders, pots and stakes, which not only aim for a visual upgrade, but to also support the health of plants. For instance, the plant stake acts as a support, but also a great platform to showcase the verticality of trailing plants.

You can browse Ivy Muse's products here.

(Image credit: Ivy Muse)

Bloodwood Botanica

What if I told you, that dead leaves, tree bark and rusted pipes can make amazing pieces of art?

Queensland-based Bloodwood Botanica specializes in sculptural floral styling and plant-based art, a specialization that lays its foundations in sustainability and low environmental impact.

Not only are their products and services available for purchase, hire or as creative advice and enhancements for events, functions and weddings, the individualized plant sculptures created by Emilia Spencer-Brown, creative head of Bloodwood Botanica, aims to transform your unique essence into a language that can only be spoken through flowers.

You can check out their services here.

(Image credit: Natasha Mulhall Photography)

Evolve Styling Team