Go For Technicolour: La La Land's Nostalgic LA

This post is all about colour! We hope that this blog post will spark some inspiration within you, to go bolder with colours in your styling ventures, as well as looking for ideas from unconventional means.

Interior design - and design in general - lives and breathes influence and inspiration. How you style a space is informed by the influences of your diverse interests. It is an extension of your personality.

Nothing Like the Real Thing

La La Land, the multiple Oscar-winning film directed by Damien Chazelle, is a love letter to all things passion. One of the best tidbits about the film's production, are the use of sets and their design language in personifying the hopes and dreams of the main characters.

The couple team of production designer David Wasco and set stylist Sandy Reynolds-Wasco was brought on to bring to life Chazelle's vision of a throwback musical, that tells the love story of a struggling actress, and a slightly snobbish but genuine Jazz musician.

“Regardless of whether it’s a small-budget or a big-budget film, I try to go with practical locations first,” says Wasco.

No doubt the main subject of interest among many styling enthusiasts, is the design of Mia's apartment, a literal Dream Home.

Bright reds, pinks, rosy lips of Golden Age Hollywood beauties, the nostalgic and distinctive tints of primarys and technicolour, Mia's fictional home is one to behold.

“They all came to LA to find their dreams, and their dreams were Technicolour,” Reynolds-Wasco said of Mia and her roommates. “We punched up the colours to enhance their energy and their hopes for the future. Their world was influenced more by the MGM musicals and the French movies.”

That is of course not to say, that all the efforts were directed towards Mia's apartment, however. The setting design of the film also drew inspiration from brilliant painter Leonid Afremov, whose high-octane bright colour palettes, exclusive use of the palette knife for bold, thick layering of paint and vivid storytelling, helped define the character of the film.

You can find Afremov's diverse range of art pieces here.

Evolve Styling Team