How To Style Your Home For Christmas

December means getting your home ready for Christmas. It’s time to get over the standard Santa figurines, the gold tinsel, and try something different to give your guests the “wow” factor. Here’s some tips for having an affordable and stylish Christmas.

DIY Decorations

Give your creativity a boost by creating your own Christmas decorations. Don’t need to be a handyman - just get some nice paper, scissors and glue. Guest won’t only love it, but you will be proud of your work.

Handmade snowflakes

Snowflakes are a simple and useful option to decorate your home spaces. Chose heavyweight paper of your own choice of colour palette, cut them into snowflake shapes and handle them in windows, walls or even over the tree.

Crystal candy and bauble jars

Crystal jars filled with Christmas candy or baubles will give a festive pop of colour to your home. They are an affordable and easy table decorations - and a nice treat for the little ones.

Christmas lighting bowl

Give your table a festive vibe by tucking a nice candle into a bowl and filling it with Christmas lights. This will give a colourful atmosphere to your living room or kitchen.

Get more of your tree

A very original idea found in the Katrina Chambers blog is using your own Christmas tree as table decoration. Not the whole tree, but a couple of brunches laid out across the table.

She also placed some vintage decorations on it for a stylish final look.


Traditionalists love the red and green Christmas. Although Australia doesn’t have the cold climate for the mistletoe, this palette can still be adapted to a fresh Aussie style.

The tree itself is a great source of green. Introduce splashes of red in flowers or plants (red berries, for example) and classic ribbons. Bowls filled with red and green lights and sweets are not only a great accessory for this colour palette, but kids will love it.

A classy is the modern rustic red and white Christmas palette. This combination will create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, and you can combine patterns such as polka dots or stripes to give a twist of creativity. For those who prefer solid colours, ornaments in solid red and white hanged side by side are a beautiful and elegant contrast.

Metallic silver or gold and white decorations. Adding metallic will design trendy and glamorous spaces for your home. Lovely decorations as fairy lights, metallic bells or dot candles will make the Christmas shine. Also, covering the tree with silver or gold and white clear glass ornaments will create a snow queen appearance that will impress your guests and family.


Stuffing your house with tons Christmas decorations can make it look cluttered. Instead, try to be minimalist. Avoid decorations that are too glittery or exuberant. Thinks about contrasts and balance, like white and light timber with some vibrant colours in small doses. Try to keep a sophisticated look, focusing on certain points instead of every space. Remember, less is more.


For those who want to keep it patriotic, you can include some Aussie Christmas details to your Christmas themed.

Navy and teal combined with lemon and citrus tones forges a fresh colour scheme, breaking the traditional palettes, giving a more contemporary look and creating relaxed summer climate. For example, navy table set completed with native flowers in yellow and green are a great combination for the occasion. Add some fairy lights, and the relaxed Christmas vibe is on. If you want to get a bit quirky, check out these thong tree decorations or this Aussie animal candy cane holders for the kids.

Now that you are all inspired, get your Christmas creativity to work. And remember, don’t stress out about it. The most important part of any Christmas decoration is to have fun with your family, and even mess out a bit on the process.

From the Evolve Styling team, we want to wish you very Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

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Evolve Styling Team