How To Style Your Outdoor Spaces For Summer

Australians love outdoor living spaces. Alfresco dining, relaxing and entertaining are seasonless activities. Once the weather warms up, we spend our days at the beach, or hanging out in the balcony or backyard. Owners should get outdoor property styling spaces right before hitting the market. For some, outdoor spaces are about entertaining, while for others it’s about serenity. Whether you reside in the suburbs or in the city, fundamental items create a cozy and thorough exterior.

When selling your property, a common mistake is to think of your outdoor as just an extra area. Decks and gardens need as much care as the indoors. Just as distinct inside areas, creating zoned outside spots double your home’s overall living space. And buyers will notice.

Make your greens vibrate

Fresh cared gardens will increase the appealing of your home exterior. Declutter and clear paths. Work in the small details - people might not notice, but it gives a nurturing feeling. Weather is a factor to take into account. Consider native plants to create beautiful, low maintenance harmony. Strategically planted shrubs will also help in creating a sense of privacy and intimacy for the potential buyers.

Outdoor furniture challenge

The first and main tip for styling your outdoor spaces is treat them like the interior of your home. Some properties in the suburbs enjoy a nice yard. However, when it comes to the city, most of them rely on balconies or small decks. Showing potential buyers the invisible exterior living rooms will add value to your home.

For example, this charcoal wicker lounge chair located in the green area creates an inviting space to read a book and relax till sunset. When selecting outdoor furniture, think beyond brown. Instead of brown and heavy pieces, choose colours and contrast to make it vibrate, specially if space and greens are limited. Layers of different textures combined with cushions, throws and rugs will create a warm and inviting environment for your buyers. Make them feel at home, inside and outside.

However, don’t forget that you are styling for your potential purchasers. Personal pieces might ward off buyers. Keep outdoor enrichment simple and appealing to maximise the interest and increase the sales price of your property.

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Evolve Styling Team