Inspiration from Nature: Indoor Plants That Will Liven Up Your Home

It's calming to be surrounded by nature. For urban dwellers, spicing up your home with indoor plants is much more charming and even less exhausting than you think. (Head image credit: Harpers Project)

Here are 3 friendly house plants you should check out.

1. Chinese Money Plant

Plant lovers see their plants as a way of bonding through exchanging cuttings. For fans of good luck symbols, the Chinese money plant is definitely a great gift for gifting and receiving. The charming, coin-shaped leaves and numerous Chinese fables it starred in have elevated this humble plant to a symbol of good fortunes.

For a little taste of one of the fables, a peasant was given a seed to take care of by a sage, who instructed him that the plant will only grow through his labouring sweat and blood. Having done what the sage has instructed, the plant eventually grew into a 'money tree'; one that bears coins. The peasant; through yearly harvests from the tree, grew to become a man of wealth. Today, this story is widely cited as a lesson: in order to become wealthy, it must be through one's own hard work.

Though it may well bring great fortune to its carers, the Chinese money plant is undemanding as a house plant, requiring only light watering once a week in a nice, cool mid-20s degree room. Just be sure to keep this guy in a bright room with indirect sunlight.

(Image by Bart Kiggen for All Items Loaded)

2. Red Oxalis triangularis

If you would like a little fire (not literally of course) in your plant collection, You should take a look at this thing of beauty.

Also known as the false shamrock, this houseplant isn't afraid of vibrant colours, and can range from violet to dark crimson red. With proper care and conditions, it will even bloom light-coloured, lavender flowers within 9-10 weeks. Amazing display of contrast. Another great thing about the oxalis' dark colouration is that it allows you to experiment with different coloured potting solutions. Light-coloured pots can make this plant look stunning.

The oxalis is perfectly happy if it gets a few hours of direct sunlight every day, so make sure it's near open windows or balconies. It is also incrediblresilient of accidental neglect or sudden temperature drops. Its upper layer of leaves will wilt to complement the poor conditions or weeks without watering, but once ideal conditions and proper caring are back, it restores itself quickly.

Oh. You might want to make sure pets don't nibble the leaves: not a healthy snack at all. Although, we doubt the taste will leave them wanting seconds.

(Image from Indoor Jungle on Pinterest)

3. Peace Lily

As indicative as names go, the peace lily lives up to its name as one of the most popular house plant choices for offices and homes, thanks to how forgiving it is to care for.

With a simple potting system with reliable drainage, the palm-like petals can take centre stage in its busy but calming display. Just be sure to place it in room with plenty of indirect sunlight and access to shade. Wait for signs of drooping in the leaves before watering.

(Image from Indoor Flowers)


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