Seasons Inspiration: Fantastic Art and Where to Find Them

Christmas and decoration comes hand in hand for many people, no matter what type of home you live in. So, in this post, we run down some inspiring art pieces you can buy for a bargain, and colourful places to browse this Christmas, all the while retaining that flair for quality that we know you cherish.

Rachel Castle

If you like organic textures to complement your love affair with pastel colours and flower petals, Rachel Castle has the pieces you want. 

What separates Castle’s collection from the rest are not only their focus on premium linen-based products, but also their proud devotion to making art accessible. Bedlinen, cushions and teatowels, Castle’s line up makes you choose between using their products conventionally, or framing them as artwork set pieces.

Castle’s teatowels does look fabulous framed, so there’s that option. Or you can dirty them wiping plates.


(Unfortunately, as of publication, Nestling is closed for the holiday break, which means new orders won’t be fulfilled until January.)

While the online store might not able to ship you the products before the big day, Nestling has something special that we feel compelled to share.

Nestling’s line up of products for children’s nurseries are described by creator Jeremy Wortsman as “an ode to the nesting rituals of expecting parents”.

Designed to be complimentary of your home, all the while being functional for children, the product line up of foam floor matting, art scrolls and fabric art panels are sewn with diverse selection of colours and designs. The art panels can also be removed from the bars and cleaned with ease.

Quercus & Co

A wallpaper & fabric design and printing company based in Sydney, Quercus & Co aims to satisfy the pattern lover in you. Not only that, the wallpaper patterns are hand-painted, drawn and printed onto eco-friendly paper, giving them an organic sense of character.

Also, don’t forget to check out their collection of gift prints, featuring postcards, stamps and art prints.

Quercus & Co has a physical store at St Peters that opens from Tuesday to Saturday, be sure to pay them a visit.

Greenhouse Interiors

If originals pieces and limited edition products from popular Australian artists is what you are looking for, Greenhouse Interior’s online store gives you a wide range of choices between installations, furniture, paintings and prints. You can also browse the site’s team of artists to see which creative mind you gravitate towards.

Evolve Styling Team