Top Tips for Interior/Property Photograhy

When it comes to browsing properties, most of us do judge a book by its cover. In the case of real estate, your photographs of the property you like to sell is the first impression that you must get right.

The hard work you put into styling the home and readying it for the market deserves the best treatment possible. So here are some tips for photographing interiors.

Beware the Mirrors!

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to use the camera's onboard flash for photographing any part of your property, since they tend to ruin the ambient lighting and throws the atmosphere out of balance. But this rule (plus a few others) becomes 10 times more important when you are in a room full of reflective surfaces, such as glass or mirrors.

Sudden & sharp sources of light in your images means that the human eye will only be drawn to those areas, meaning the rest of the photo loses impact.

In addition, when photographing rooms with mirrors, the obvious but often overlooked rule to keep yourself out of the photograph is also something worth mentioning. So if you are photographing a bathroom for instance, search for ways to keep yourself out of the reflections, by angling the camera towards the corners (which may also give the room a more spacious feel), or just simply ducking lower to avoid the mirror.

Shoot Less for More Impact

Ever wonder why the dollars you might've invested in a fancy wide-angle lens isn't giving you the wow-factor you want, when you try to squeeze every inch of the living room into one photo? Beyond issues that may arise from unengaging composition and poor lighting, stuffing your photograph with too much detail, perspective and contrast can be a major turn-off.

Buyers want specificity in their interior photography. They not only want to be immersed in the property, they want the photos to showcase the tiny gems of detail you put into your styling.

This tip of 'less is more' can be utilized in 2 main ways: knowing when and how to crop, and choosing only ELEMENTS of a room to shoot.

Note the above image of a beautiful kitchen & island bench, styled expertly by the Evolve Styling team: no attempts were made to cram the entire room into the shot. Instead, through layered compositions that gives the area a sense of depth from the chairs to the overhead storage, and a sneak preview of the surrounding area via. the mirror splashback (the photographer's also cleverly hidden from the reflection via. the vases), the image is a measured success that appeals to the buyer's desire to see minute details.

In most cases, achieving this may require some post-process cropping. When doing so, keep in mind what you are trying to showcase with the image.

And finally, when it comes to courting buyers with appealing images of your property, you should balance money shots of your best ensuite and bedroom combo with more personal shots of little details. Have a fancy furniture piece you want to flaunt? How about a particularly adorable styling choice that you made for the bathroom? Try capturing them on camera. These tiny gems may be what the buyers are looking for to tip them over the edge.

Evolve Styling Team