Frequently Asked Questions

There are many Interior Decorators and Property Stylists to choose from, but not all are the same. For Property Styling, look in the local paper or real estate web sites for images of their current work, even better try and attend an open inspection of one of the properties they have currently styled and look for the following:

  • Make note of the quality and quantity of furniture, floral arrangements, wall hangings, rugs and accessories installed.
  • Is the style in line with my target market. If needed, discuss your target market with your agent.
  • Is there a cohesive style, theme and colour between all the elements e.g. chairs, tables, art, rugs, cushions etc. or has the stylist cobbled together whatever they had in stock at the time.
  • Are the rented pieces clean and in good condition.
  • Has the stylist paid attention to the detail eg. ironed bed linen, accessory placement, space planning etc.


Ask the stylist/interior decorator the following:

  • References and contact them to discuss the project and results.
  • Qualifications of the stylists and if they have they been in business for some time.
  • Do they own their own hire furniture and can I inspect the inventory.
  • Ask if they understand my requirements and objectives.
  • Will they work with some or all of my existing furniture and accessories (if required).
  • What is the style they would recommend for my property and the target market.
  • Can they furnish external areas and provide plant hire (if applicable).


Evolve can review your existing furniture and accessories and identify which may be suitable for the theme and style that will transform your property to attract maximum interest from buyers. If needed, Evolve can assist with short/long term storage.

Property Styling - The cost to present your property in a manner to attract the maximum number of buyers from the market can be less than one bid at an auction. Many of our clients have received the benefit of the styling investment many times over as a result of the sale price exceeding expectations.

Interior Decorating - What price can one put on creating an environment that meets the lifestyle one is seeking. Also the value of the property increases as a result of styling and/or renovating. In some situations, the key is not to over capitalise. Evolve can advise on the most suitable approach based on your requirements and objectives.

The styling investment can vary in price based on the size of the property and whether existing furnishings can be utilised and if an outdoor area is included. Remember this is an investment to maximise the sale price of your property. Many of our clients have received the benefit of the styling investment many times over as a result of the sale price exceeding expectations.

An professionally styled property will focus on creating an environment that will appeal to a broad market, in order to attract as many interested parties to your property via the attractiveness and lifestyle portrayed in the photo's of the marketing campaign. The wow factor presented via a styled property during the inspections will attract maximum interested buyers to the auction. Remember it usually only takes one bid at an auction to pay for the styling investment.

For a no obligation free quote, do not hesitate to call Evolve Styling.

Evolve has associations with a wide array of tradespeople and can arrange a quote and manage (if required) the service delivery. Trades covering the following can be provided:

  • Landscaping;
  • Plastering;
  • Electricians;
  • Painters;
  • Floor coverings (Tiling, Carpet, Timber etc.);
  • Cabinetmakers;
  • Handyman;
  • Plumbers;
  • Window treatments (curtains, venetians etc.)


You can prepare your own home for sale but it is very difficult to stage your own home and style it from a buyer's perspective, due to the emotional association with the existing contents and layout. It is difficult to put things away that have been collected over the years and to change the layout of rooms to maximize the appeal for the target market. The buyer is not interested in the kid's drawings on the fridge, or the family photos on display or the disjointed furnishings and accessories that have accumulated over the years either as gifts or individual purchases. These are all distractions and make it very difficult for the buyer to visualize themselves living in your property. The buyer needs to be presented with a clean, minimalist and cohesive styling arrangement so that they can see the property clearly and themselves living in your property, wanting the lifestyle that is presented though the styling process.

No, Evolve provides a no obligation free quote and are only too happy to take your call to discuss your requirements. Call Evolve Styling to discuss how we can transform your property.